3 Best Online Casinos for Real Money 2021 Reviewed - Blackjack, Roulette, Slots Gambling

Three different casinos, Ignition Casino, Cafe Casino and Spin Casino. All are good casinos, but with different rules.

The first thing you need to find out when signing up for any casino is who licenses it, and the list of restricted players.

For example, USA players can play at Ignition Casino, which is self regulated. Cafe Caisno, which is licensed by a Mohawk Indian Reservation in Quebec, Canada.

Oddly enough, though licensed through Quebec, Cafe Casino accepts only US players. Apparently Cafe Casino find the USA an untapped market and wants to concentrate on that.

Meanwhile, USA players are not allowed to play at Spin Casino, which is a Malta Gaming Commision regulated casino.

If you live in Australia, you can't play at Spin Casino, (nor Cafe Casino) and if you live in the UK, you are only restricted from playing at Cafe Casino. Those from Germany as welcome at Spin Casino.

As reviewers, we feel that Ignition Casino offers USA the better casino experience, and frankly, when it comes to casinos regulated in the Western Hemisphere, whether it is an Indian Tribe in Canada, Curaco or Costa Rica it really doesn't matter that much.

Of the three casinos we are reviewing, Spin Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority which is one of two gaming commisions, themselves and the UK Gaming Commission which really monitor and control casinos.

We place so much attention on licensing and in particular acceptace of US players, because even if they accept your deposit, more than likely they will not pay out when you win.

So to avoid disappointment, whenever you are on the internet and looking up an online casino near me, also check immediately for where they are licensed followed by checking their terms of services which will tell you whether the casino considers you authorized to play.

And don't restrict yourself to the closest online casino. Closest does not mean best. Nor should you select the best casino based on a player bonus.

Every casino offers a bonus of some kind and most bonuses have more clauses in them than an insurance company contract.

You judge the best casinos, normally on two factors, one is how quickly they pay out, and secondly, they offer the most interesting online casino games real money.

If slots are your thing, do they have a wide variety of machines and what is the average return to player of each machine. If it's around 95 percent, you've found a winner.

YOu might need to reed reviews sites to find the better online slots real money, but it's worth it to find on those sites the average Return to Player. This can make a significant difference in your gambling bankroll.

When playing an online casino real money, finding out the odds of each game is critical. For example, did you know that playing online casino real money, the blackjack, craps, and baccarat have the lowest house odds.

If you play online roulette real money, you are risking approximately 5.26 percent to the house, whereas, if you play online blackjack real money, and you play smartly, the house edge is only .5 percent.

Knowing the odds, you'll likely never play roulette again over blackjack.

Always remember, when playing online gambling real money, the house always has an edge. So carefully choose the casino games you play.

The key to online gambling real money is not just to be lucky, but to manage your playing carefully.

Which brings us to poker. Poker is increasdingly played online because 24 hours a day you can find a good game. The advantage of playing poker online instead of at a phsycial casino is that you can have charts ready to calculate how you should handle play.

In fact, when playing poker online, we say always either have another window open or another computer to calculate your next moves.

It's possible to wind a great deal of money this way and to become a good player quickly. And remember, with poker you are usually plaing against other players, not the house.

So which of our three casinos should you choose? Well, frankly all of them have a decent reputation as a casino online real money.

As long as the casino is legit, online casinos real money can be won through all three, and these three are legit and have a good reputation.